December 13, 2017
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AuburnBank is community oriented and focuses primarily on offering commercial and consumer loan and deposit services to individuals, and small and middle market businesses in East Alabama, including Lee County and surrounding areas. Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUBN) is a bank holding company headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, with total assets of $765 million as of September 30, 2011. Through their wholly-owned subsidiary, AuburnBank, they offer a full range of banking services to commercial and retail customers. For the 6th straight year, USBanker magazine (June 2011 issue) featured Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. as one of the "Top 200 Community Banks" in the nation, based on average return on equity (“ROE”) for a three-year period.
General Informations
HQ Address: 100 N. Gay St., 36830, Auburn, AL, USA
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 334-821-9200
Fax: 334-887-2772
Web: AuburnBank
E-mail: N/A
Branches: 11 Founded: 1907

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In 1907, the town of Auburn had a population of less than 1,500 residents. It was the home of Alabama Polytechnic Institute (A.P.I., later to become Auburn University) with an enrollment of 600 students. Though Auburn was considered an educational center in the early twentieth century, the physical niceties were primitive. There were no paved roads, no electric lights except in a few college buildings, no water system, no town newspaper, and no bank. The instigator in forming an Auburn bank for Auburn people was Sheldon (Shel) L. Toomer. He had played halfback on Auburn University's first football team and had earned two degrees from the college. In 1907, at the age of thirty-five, Toomer was a successful businessman actively involved with community activities and owned the corner drug store that still bears his name, Toomer's Drugs. He began to discuss the idea of a local bank with his fellow merchants and faculty friends, and the Bank of Auburn (now AuburnBank) opened its doors January 3, 1907 in the heart of downtown Auburn. Through the years as the bank grew, the name was changed. From the Bank of Auburn to Auburn National Bank in 1964 to its current name, AuburnBank, in 1995. But the bank's mission has remained the same: to be the best independent bank in the communities we are located, dedicated to serving community, customers, staff, and shareholders to whom we are responsible. Sometimes, when you look back where you have been, you can get a pretty clear picture of where you are going. For decades, AuburnBank has applied considerable assets into improving our customer's lives, purchasing a first home, starting a new business, providing education needs, and helping established businesses grow. As we remember our past, we realize we have earned something very important for our future: a degree of customer loyalty uncommon in banking today. We are proud of these strong, caring relationships and the opportunities they provide for us to serve our communities. Since 1907 "We're All The Bank You'll Ever Need" for all your financial needs.
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