August 17, 2017
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" There are a handful of people whom money won't spoil, and we count ourselves among them. "

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Berliner Bank is prepared as good as ever. It has changed and is much more powerful. It is a partner of the local economy and its growth cluster. True to the tradition, the Bank is part of the public dialogue between political and business partners such as Berlin Partner and the associations and chambers of industry and trade. Wherever it is necessary to deal with the city's future, to understand, and to prepare new formats and forums Berliner Bank is a trustfull partner. The Berliner Bank is looking for the future dialogue for the city and has therefore created by mid-2010, through the Prognos Institute for Market Research, an economic and socio-political study "A Future for Berlin", highlighting the perspectives of the city for the year 2030. Berliner Bank will emphasize the opportunities of the city and promote its use. With 61 locations, the investment and financial centers (IFCs), is Berliner Bank, since 1 July 2010 a subsidiary of the Deustche Bank Privat- and Geschäftskunden AG as an independent brand within the group at Deutsche Bank. It combines personal consultation with the know-how of one of the largest financial services companies in the world. It is also the personal bank face and a solid anchor in the region. Berliner Bank feels the city, its neighborhoods and is commited to the people.
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HQ Address: Friedrichstr. 185-190, Berlin, Germany
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On the morning of 21 June 1950, Berlin Mayor Ernst Reuter, announced personally by 10 clock in room 143 the start of Berliner Bank AG. After the war, dividing the city and West Berlin blockade, Berlin desperately needed a strong financial institution that supports the rebuilding of the economy. Berliner Bank is the right partner and started a bank with 40 branches, for the econmic reconstruction, 1,500 employees and 75 000 customers. The economic boom in the 50s succeeded. Berliner Bank contributes significantly to the stands by the West Berlin economy with loans to one side and continuously builds relationships at home and abroad. The Berlin Central Bank acquires the status of a foreign trade bank and can handle key import and export business. The bank is growing. The steady expansion of the deposit and lending allows the enlargement of the branch network in the city of Berlin. The Wall in 1961 hits the people of Berlin and Germany to the core. In 1963, 14 percent more customers as in the previous year, invest their money to the Berliner Bank. The growth was in the passing year only by 5.5 percent. The Bank had a significant increase in the customer base to more than 750 000 customers to 1975. In the 80s we face a booming economy and rising consumption in Germany. One in four West Berliner now has an account at the Berliner Bank, which is being privatized 1984th. The first ATMs arise, VISA cards are issued and new partnerships - as with Gothaer Insurance Group - received. At the end of 1989 there are 81 branches in the city. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, east and West come close quickly. The cooperation with the Berliner Stadtbank leades to a merger of both companies at the first October 1991. The expansion of the branch and branch network in the eastern part of the city and in the former East Germany is promising. By the end of 1993 they created a total of 47 branches in East Berlin and Brandenburg. The first January 1994 marked another turning point: Landesbank Berlin, Berlin and Berlin Hyp Bank merge to form Bank Gesellschaft Berlin. Until 1999, the Berliner Bank moves within the company, however, almost entirely in the background. That's why it wasn't the heart of the banking scandal which reached its peak in 2001. High credit risk and real estate have brought the banking company to the brink of insolvency. Sell ​​as part of the bailout package approved by the Senate and the EU Commission must help the Berlin Land to sell its shares it holdes at the company and Bank. Thus began in June 2006 a new chapter for the bank. It became a successful member of the German banking group - as a strong city brand with a clear regional focus.
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