October 18, 2017
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" They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price. "

Kahlil Gibran

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The norisbank GmbH is a German credit institution with headquarters in Berlin and since 2 November 2006 a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank.
General Informations
HQ Address: Fasanenstra├če 86, Berlin, Germany
Postal Address:: norisbank GmbH 04089 Leipzig
Opening Times: N/A
Phone: 0180 312 5000
Fax: +49 (0)30 910-88251
Web: norisbank
Branches: N/A Founded: 1965

Norrisbank was founded on the 4th of June 1965 with headquarters in N├╝rnberg. 1984 Noris Bank Ltd. merged with the Verbraucherbank GmbH from Hamburg. Norisbank Verbraucherbank GmbH was until 1997 part of the Quelle Group and was the 19th June 1997 sold to Bayerische Vereinsbank. In January 1999 it came to integrating of the Hypo Service-Bank (HSB), established in 1991. Uncertainties in the 2002, when the HypoVereinsbank was thinking about an integration of the branches of the Norribank AG in its own branch network, it was decided in December 2002 to sell the Norisbank AG. On 1 October 2003, DZ Bank became the new owner of Norisbank for a purchase price of 180 million euros. DZ Bank sold on 3 August 2006 for about 300 million euros, the branches and the name of Noris Bank to the German bank.
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