August 17, 2017
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" I wish I'd said it first, and I don't even know who did: The only problems that money can solve are money problems. "

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Banca Mediolanum is more than a traditional bank, more than an online bank, they focus on clients and they build the most innovative solutions to find all their needs in a personalized way. They offer maximum freedom with all the tools available that enable their customers to operate in full autonomy of 24 h-24h, 7 days a week 7. But it's also very important to the value of human relations through the role of the Family Banker, experienced professional who offers all the necessary advice. Because first of all they are a bank of people to people and every customer is unique with different needs and different expectations from each other. They are a new banking model built around the customer to give more value to its values. Freedom and relation: it is what we believe to build a next-generation banking relationship. We believe in a fundamental value: the importance of human relations. So we want to be a bank of people to people. Our goal is to provide each customer with customized solutions that are able to meet all their real needs. Always follow the principles that underpin our strategy, we believe sincerely principles: result of years of tradition, experience and professionalism of a group that operates in the financial sector with authority, seriousness and transparency; future towards which we place great attention has always been to anticipate and take advantage of the innovation to better serve the customer ask; technology to enhance the Bank's service offering we provide the customer a greater number of tools and methods of access; humanity as the main and essential aspect of which is the basis of any true relationship between individuals, a starting point on which to build relationships and respect for common goals of success based on informed choices and accurate. These are the keys to our success for a bank to offer complete, affordable, close to people and families by offering personalized product and service solutions.
General Informations
HQ Address: Via Francesco Sforza 15, Basiglio Milano, Italy
Opening Times: N/A
Phone: +39 0 290451625
Fax: +39 0 290492550
Web: Banca Mediolanum
Branches: N/A Founded: 1984

1982: Ennio Doris, in partnership with Grupo Fininvest, Italy based program, the first network vendido born in Italy with the specific goal of providing its customers with comprehensive advice in all matters concerning the security and rispario. 1984: The basic concept of the global consultancy requires one consultant for both the Reference customers for all types of financial products and insurance. To expand the basket of products purchased are her companions make Mediolanum Vita and Mediolanum insurance. The following year, with the creation of Funds Management Fininvest, he also creates a company capable of providing mutual funds, thus increasing the potential develops to offer products and services. 1995: In response to changes such as the globalization of markets and the advent of the Euro testify, Mediolaanum born, as a holding company of all the activities of the sector. All Group companies produce amazing results. 2000: Mediolanum arrives on the Internet. Widens the possibilities of access for customers, with a major in the quality of the service and develops to the implementation of sophisticated trading. 2003: Mediolanum sponsors for the first time the Green Jersey 86th Tour of Italy, the initiative continues in subsequent editions of the Giro. 2005: They launched the new flagship products: the current account and Riflexcard Riflex. Riflex is a flexible account that suits the customer requirements and needs. 2006: the figure evolves Global Adviser's experience and training: the birth of the Family Banker. A new professional and comprehensive professional reference of families and clients. is the human face of the bank.2008: Ennio Doris and Fininvest Group, members of the Mediolanum Group Reference, take charge of protecting the customers involved in the Lehman Brothers story please intervening one of about 10 000 clients involved in the collapse of U.S. bank without burdening on the minorities. 2009: Was founded Mediolanum Corporate University.
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