December 13, 2017
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" There is a very easy way to return from a casino with a small fortune: go there with a large one. "

Jack Yelton

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BNY Mellon is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation that offers sophisticated financial solutions, including investment and wealth management, private banking and shareowner services. The bank helps organizations build assets, enhance performance, improve operating efficiency and reduce risk through a wide range of asset management and securities services solutions. They work with consultants and advisors to help them select and present the services that best meet the needs of the clients they serve. BNY Mellon is dedicated to acting with the highest standards of integrity and openness, based on a rich shared heritage of trust and reliability. The bank is committed to participation in the political process as an integral part of corporate citizenship and representing the company's business interests. It makes political contributions only as permissible by law, including contributions made through our company-established political action committee. It also responds to the needs of communities by supporting organizations and activities that advance the quality of life where our employees work, live and do business.
General Informations
HQ Address: One Wall Street, 10286, New York, NY, USA
Opening Times: N/A
Phone: +1 212 495 1784
Fax: N/A
Web: BNY Mellon
E-mail: N/A
Branches: N/A Founded: 1784

BNY Mellon wasm founden in 1784, soon after the birth of the new American republic. In 1852, it was officially recognized under Banking Law as a bank having. Alexander Hamilton personally wrote the company's constitution and, during the early years, remained the individual most actively involved in the organization. Hamilton's economic vision and firm grasp of financial principles served the company well. Less than a century later, this focus on driving business development was amplified by Andrew Mellon, whose willingness to fund and invest in new business startups helped launch the American industrial revolution.
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