August 17, 2017
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" If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil. "

Henry Fielding

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Banca Transilvania, BT, is a banking institution headquartered in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Bank was established in December 1993 in Cluj-Napoca. BT is the largest Romanian-owned banking institution, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which owns 15% of the capital, is a significant shareholder. The bank aimes at a continuous improvement of its products & services, paying special attention to the professionalism of its employees: quality making a difference for Banca Transilvania. With a share market of 5,5%, Banca Transilvania is one of the most dynamic banks in Romania, being recognised as an important player on the Romanian banking market, with a nationwide presence. Acknowledging the importance of building up a financial services group, Banca Transilvania became the key driver of Banca Transilvania Financial Group offering integrated financial services, like: banking, leasing, brokerage, asset management, consumer's financing, factoring, private pensios through its companies: BT Leasing, BT Securities, BT Asset Management SAI SA, BT Direct, BT Finop Leasing IFN SA, Compania de Factoring and BT AEGON. In time, Banca Transilvania beneffited of the full support of its shareholders' among which, the Eurpean Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), with a stake of 15%, being besides a significant shareholder an important business partner. The four main business lines: Retail, SMEs, Corporate and Medical Devision rely on dedicated people both at branch and headquarter level, offering specialised products and services to its over 1.000.000 customers. These four business lines benefit from the strong support offered by a centralised IT system, with on-line connection throughout the entire network. People, the bank's main engine, represent a valuable asset for Banca Transilvania. About 6.000 employees sharing BT's corporate culture and principles focuse on the quality of their work and customer satisfaction. Even if the bank's history goes back only 14 years ago, Banca Transilvania has proved that having the support of its shareholders and setting ambitious targets, it imposed itself as a strong, reliable, flexible and customer driven bank on the Romanian market.
General Informations
HQ Address: Str. G Baritiu nr. 8, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: (40)-264-40715(0)/(1)/(2)
Fax: (40)-264-407179
Web: Banca Transilvania
Branches: N/A Founded: 1994

Banca Transilvania's success story started in Cluj-Napoca, 14 years ago, as an initiative of some businessmen of Cluj. The main idea was to create a local bank, a Cluj brand. The founders' entrepreneurial spirit put its mark on the bank's growth strategy and business approach, building up a strong presence, initially in Cluj and afterwards regionally. Back in 1994, the bank targeted the SME sector, but considering the market opportunities, is focused on retail as well. In 1997 Banca Transilvania became the first Romanian bank listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, enhancing its market value and adding transparency to its corporate principles. 2002 represented a turnaround year for Banca Transilvania, a new management approach, benefiting from an international know-how imprinting a different management style to the bank. A year later, 2003, Banca Transilvania decided to change its corporate identity, starting a re-branding process and implementing a new, standard concept throughout its whole branch network. Banca Transilvania is today one of the most important financial institutions in Romania, ranked among top 5 banks, and a blue chip of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
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