November 17, 2017
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Banca Comerciala Feroviara was founded in August 2009 and became operational in November of that year. The authorization for Banca Comerciala Feroviara SA by National Bank of Romania (BNR) was a demanding and rigorous process that took place in a very difficult period for the banking sector. Getting to the Banca Comerciala Feroviara permit operation at this time confirm the soundness of the project that led to the establishment of the bank and its long-term viability. Business plan and projections for the evolution of key financial performance indicators are based on a cautious approach, being based on strict rules and procedures for identifying, monitoring and adjustment of specific risks. They have proposed that the development strategy of the bank to rely on a healthy growth, a small but sure steps, to provide bank stability and value in the eyes of business partners. In fact, their goal is to ensure sustainable growth while maintaining a moderate risk profile. Although marked by financial crisis, the beginning of the development bank has offered a solid internal foundation, benefiting Banca Comerciala Feroviara among others and experience less auspicious auspicious or of other banks in the Romanian banking system. It has opened three branches, one in Bucharest, one in Baia Mare and one in Arad. The long-term target of shareholders and of the entire team of Banca Comerciala Feroviara is the lender with the Romanian capital to become a trusted bank for its customers and to impose new standards of quality, transparency and flexibility in the financial services market in Romania. Their mission is to satisfy their customer needs with a high quality level by promoting the values ??of the bank.
General Informations
HQ Address: Str. Dinicu Golescu nr.38, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 0374 111 156
Fax: 021 312 11 94
Web: Banca Comerciala Feroviara
Branches: 16 Founded: 2009

Banca Comerciala Feroviara was founded in August 2009 and became operational in November of that year. In 2009, the bank recorded a favorable financial situation, namely obtaining a profit of 400,000 lei instead of a loss of 5.4 million lei forecast. This positive result is due to equally high yield bank interbank placements made but the management policy applied by the bank to reduce costs and adequacy of the resources needed to chart and achieve operational business lines related investments. 2010 brings even greater challenges for Romanian banking environment, according to the measures taken by the authorities have not yet expected effects on the economic environment. Banca Comerciala Feroviara continues to address this challenge as an opportunity to continue at a steady pace of internal development projects and even to exceed the expectations of their initial plan.
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