August 17, 2017
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Italo Romena is a bank founded in 1980 as Italian-Romanian joint venture in banking and in 2000 was acquired by the Veneto Banca Holding. Italo Romena gradually opened the market operators and Romans, though maintaining a clear corporate guidance, families and institutions address offering a full range of financial products and services designed to meet different needs, quickly and efficiently. Bank is distinguished precisely by its ability to find solutions, studies based on specific customer requirements. Among the most popular products are found mortgages, consumer loans and credit cards. The bank has the misision to become a bank dynamic, innovative, able to provide quality services and generate value for shareholders over time, customers and employees. People use the banking to manage their activities and financial resources, but in order to simplify and improve life. The Bank's objective is to convince them to choose the bank because they can provide some of the best services on the Romanian market. Italo Romena aims to provide its customers with services that suit them best, characterized by flexibility and innovation, seeking to develop a relationship with them long term by providing high quality standards and ethical principles. By offering products and services, Italo Romena guarantees its customers a full economic and financial security.
General Informations
HQ Address: Str. Gara Herastrau nr.2-4, sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 021 232 07 12/26
Fax: 021 232 07 38
Web: Banca Italo Romena
Branches: 22 Founded: 1980

Italo Romena was founded in 1980 as a prime example of joint venture between Italy and Romania in the banking sector, and in 2000 was acquired by the Veneto Banca. With the acquisition of Banca Italo Romena wanted to create a foothold for business banking numerous Italian entrepreneurs who have developed or have transferred activities in Romania. The headquarters of Banca Italo Romena was in Treviso (Italy), which is an Italian institution subject to the rules and provisions as the Bank of Italy. Italo Romena operates in Romania through its subsidiary based in Bucharest whose network comprises 22 agencies located in most major cities and whose activities are supervised by National Bank of Romania. Italo Romena is thus a reliable bank for individuals and companies alike, given that offer products and services meet the standards of the two organs of control and supervision of banking institutions. Italo Romena is working closely with the leasing company Italo Romena Leasing IFN deploying the entire network territorial instrumental leasing activity, real estate and auto.
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