December 14, 2017
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" If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil. "

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(Romanian Bancpost)

One of the leading universal banks in Romania, Bancpost offers through its extended nationwide network of branches and alternative distribution channels a broad range of banking products and services to retail, corporate and high-net worth customers. Bancpost delivers a wide range of innovative and wants-satisfying financial solutions to retail, corporate and high-net worth customers in Romania. Bancpost has more than 3,500 employees and an extended territorial network of 286 branches, 10 Regional Centres and 15 Business Centres. Bancpost was set up in 1991, as a universal, commercial and savings bank, with a fully state-owned capital, and in November 2002 it became the first completely privatised bank in the Romanian banking system. Bancpost is a member of Eurobank EFG Group, a European banking organization with total assets of €83.2bn, offering universal banking across 10 countries through its network of 1,600 points of presence and a human force of over 22,500 people. Following a successful restructuring process and the implementation of the unique business model of its majority shareholder, Bancpost benefits today from new advantages, which are essential in a highly competitive environment: efficient and client-oriented products and services, well-trained staff, optimised operations and processes, as well as modern information and telecommunication systems. The entire activity was concentrated and oriented towards understanding each client’s objectives, offering a trustworthy, long-term partnership for the successful achievement of these objectives. The Business Centre network is an Eurobank EFG Group innovative concept which offers personalised services, dedicated specialists and permanent communication to medium-sized companies. The 15 Business Centres are located in cities with high economic potential and represent commercial structures independent from the branch network. Bancpost invested significantly in the development of its alternative distribution channels, critical instruments for modern customers. Fastbanking – Bancpost Internet Banking solution – is one of the best in the market and, over the last years, has registered a significant ascending trend both in the number of users and in the transacted value. Moreover, Bancpost is a leader on the local card market and developed extended networks of 700 ATMs, 9.000 POSs and 300 APSs which offer Bancpost clients the advantage of proximity, convenience and round-the-clock access to the Bank’s services. Bancpost is the exclusive partner of American Express in Romania as credit cards issuer and acquirer and it is also Visa and MasterCard representative. In turbulent times, more than ever, true partnerships succeed through trust, understanding, and flexibility on both sides. In an effort to support its customers and to sustain the Romanian market, Bancpost adopted a set of measures (cancellation of fees, re-scheduling or restructuring of loans, as well as changes of the currency in which the loan was granted) meant to support companies and individuals in effectively coping with the current economic conditions in the country. Bancpost’s expertise, gained in its 19-year operation on the local market, coupled with the international experience, financial strength and unique business model of the Eurobank EFG Group will further foster the Bank’s development to the benefit of its customers, shareholders and employees.
General Informations
HQ Address: Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 6A, Sector 2, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 021 30 20 789
Fax: N/A
Web: Bancpost
Branches: N/A Founded: N/A

Bancpost is a Romanian bank founded in 1991. It was privatized in 2003, the privatization process was initiated in 1998. The first step in privatization was made on 2 April 1999, when General Electric Capital Corporation and Banco Portugues Investimento acquired the 45% stake in the bank for 92.8 million dollars. EFG Eurobank Ergasias Bank of Greece has repeatedly bought shares from two investors, and in 2002 obtained a final package of 17% owned by the state to Bancpost, paying U.S. $ 20.08 million. In 2005, the Greek bank has increased its stake to 62.74% of the capital. In 2006, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Finance Corporation Greek institution sold a package of over 14.5% of the Romanian bank capital, holding 77.5% EFG Eurobank reached. In 2009, EFG Eurobank bought shares of investment companies, reaching a 98.47% ownership of.
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