August 17, 2017
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" The only thing that can console one for being poor is extravagance. "

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(Romanian Citibank)

Citibank Romania is a bank present in Romania since 1996. It is a subsidiary of U.S. banking group Citigroup. From an organizational perspective, it is divided into three divisions: Corporate and Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Consumer Finance. Offers banking services and products for major national and international companies, individuals and financial solutions for SMEs. Citibank has long been committed to making the communities in which it operates better, and at the same time, setting standards for business practices and corporate values that exceeds industry norms. Citibank's legacy of innovation and achievement is nearly 200 years old. The company has succeeded over the years because its leaders and its people take a long-term approach to their business.
General Informations
HQ Address: Calea Victoriei nr.145, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: N/A
Phone: 021 203 55 50; 021 203 55 50
Fax: 021 203 55 65
Web: Citibank
Branches: 10 Founded: 1812

This financial institution was first established as the bank for New Yorkers, when we took the name, the City Bank of New York. It was later renamed the First National City Bank of New York as we expanded and allowed more people to experience the full benefit of their services. By 1894 the bank had grown to become the largest U.S. bank, and by 1902 we had expanded further, entering the Asian financial market. But that wasn’t the end of our growth and by 1930 we became the largest international bank with 100 offices, spanning some 23 countries, all over the world. In 1976 the name was changed to Citibank and the first Central and Eastern European location was opened in Hungary in 1985. Today the bank is present in every major European country. Citibank continues to be an investor in new ideas, gaining more experience and expertise in the world of finance in order to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from our services. Citibank has offered corporate services in Romania since 1996, while its business portfolio has been expanded since 2008 to include credit cards and retail banking. Thus any client in Romania can enjoy the international expertise of a financial organization that operates on a global scale, while benefiting from the local knowledge Citibank has gained through working at a local and regional level.
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