February 7, 2016
Financial Quotes
" A man's soul may be buried and perish under a dungheap or in a furrow of the field, just as well as under a pile of money. "

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Credit Europe Bank Romania (former Finansbank Romania) is a bank in Romania, the member of the Turkish group FIBA, which also has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine. Bank [...]

Branches of Credit Europe Bank Romania in Oradea

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
OradeaStr. Transilvaniei, Nr. 17 - 19, Bl. AN2 - AN3, parter-025.941.30.40---
Oradea CentruStr. Primariei, Nr. 2-025.945.78.95; 025.945.59.12---

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