August 17, 2017
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CREDITCOOP Cooperative Bank is a bank in Romania. Creditcoop network consists of Cooperative Central Bank, its 17 agencies and 50 cooperative banks with about 800 outlets. Creditcoop is the bank with the largest coverage in rural Romania and is the only authorized cooperative network in Romania. Its activity consists of the following: giving loans to individuals other than members of the cooperative banks and cooperative affiliated legal entities with their domicile / residence or business office or operate a unit without legal personality within the area of ??operation of the central, taking deposits, making investments in the interbank market, payment and settlement, including settlement of receipts and payments take place.
General Informations
HQ Address: Calea Plevnei nr.200, sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 021 317 74 05
Fax: 021 317 74 86
Web: Creditcoop
Branches: 64 Founded: 2003

1851 - The first bank established popular in Transylvania, the land of Bistrita, while the first credit companies in Germany. 1860 - Ion Ionescu de la Brad Brad set up in the village, county Roman, a bank and a house keeping popular school. 1867 - Roman Visarion lay the groundwork for storage and Credit Society" in Rasinari, Sibiu, the first cooperative credit and also receive and also the first financial institution in Transylvania Romanian (Schulze-Delizsch model). 1870 - Bucharest Aurelian founded the Society of the economy and credit "economy"; 1990 - On February 8 is promulgated "Decree - Law no. 67 on the organization and operation of cooperatives and credit consumption." 2000 - Romania's Government Emergency Ordinance no issue. 97 on credit co-operatives. 2004 - The Romanian Parliament approved Law nr.122 amending Government Emergency Ordinance nr.97/2000 on credit co-operatives. 2006 - Romania's Government Emergency Ordinance 99/6 dec 2006 on credit institutions and capital adequacy, which includes specific regulations credit.iile cooperative credit organizations and capital adequacy. 2007 - The Romanian Parliament approved Law no. 22 /4 July on the approval and amendment of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 99 / 2006 on credit institutions and capital adequacy.
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