December 13, 2017
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" My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income. "

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OTP Bank is a member of OTP Group, the third largest financial group in Central and Eastern Europe and the leading financial institution in Hungary. OTP Bank conducts operations in 9 European countries – Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Serbia, providing its more than 13 million customers with high end services, through the 1,515 business units and electronic channels. OTP Bank Romania is part of OTP Group and currently has 100 units, positioning itself as a bank that provides financial services to very good quality. In the past years, OPT Bank has become a major player in Eastern Europe, expanding its footprint in countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The Bank aims at providing its customers, companies and natural persons, not only with financial products but also with tailor-made banking services, fully meeting the needs of its partners. Within OTP Group, people make the difference and are the most valuable asset. Therefore, OTP Bank Romania recognizes, attracts and develops the human asset, exposing them to quality and professionalism, the outcome being a young team involved in an ongoing development process.
General Informations
HQ Address: Strada Buzesti nr. 66-68, sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 021 307 57 00
Fax: 021 307 57 35
Web: OTP Bank Romania
Branches: 100 Founded: 1949

Active on the Romanian banking market since 2005, OTP Bank Romania has declared from the very outset its aim of becoming a strong universal bank, achieving 4-5% in market share on the medium term and standing out among its competitors through a direct and transparent approach. OTP Bank Romania currently has 105 branches, while the number of employees reached the level of 1,120. In May 2010, the bank has a network of 106 units. OTP has a network of 123 ATMs and 224 POS and 98,000 cards issued. In 2008, the number of customers amounts to 162,000, while that of employees in 1098. In March 2008, the bank had assets of 1.07 billion euros.
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