December 13, 2017
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" I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position. "

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The ProCredit group comprises 21 financial institutions whose business focus is on providing responsible banking services in transition economies and developing countries. ProCredit Bank Romania is a bank in Romania, part of ProCredit Bank. ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented full-service bank. We offer excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products. ProCredit Holding is the parent company of a global group of 21 ProCredit banks. ProCredit Holding was founded as Internationale Micro Investitionen AG (IMI) in 1998 by the pioneering development finance consultancy company IPC. ProCredit Bank is not just about financial services. They care about people more than products, and of the quality of the human relations they establish. ProCredit Bank Romania (formerly Miro Bank) and began operations in July 2002, bank financing for micro, individual offices, family associations, small and medium firms, by taking credit portfolio of Microenterprise Credit Romania.
General Informations
HQ Address: Str. Buzesti Nr. 62-64, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania
Opening Times: Click to view Opening Times
Phone: 021-201 60 00
Fax: 021-201 60 02
Web: Procredit Bank Romania
Branches: 28 Founded: 2002

ProCredit Bank entered the market in Romania in 2002 and is the result of a partnership between several financial institutions including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In May 2007, the ProCredit group operating in 19 countries on three continents. ProCredit Holding is the largest shareholder of ProCredit Bank Romania with 32.22% retention, while Commerzbank has a 21.02% ownership of. ProCredit Bank Romania has started in July 2002. ProCredit Bank activity in Romania takes place practically in 1999, when he installed the first institution to the small business. In May 2009, the bank had 105,000 active customers.
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