December 12, 2017
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Raiffeisen Bank Romania is a subsidiary of Austrian bank Raiffeisen Zentralbank. Raiffeisen Bank S.A. is a top universal bank on the Romanian market. The Bank provides a complete range of high quality [...]

Branches of Raiffeisen Bank Romania in Arad

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
Agentia AradStr. Andrei Saguna nr. 1-3-0257.703.5000257.280.501--
Agentia Aradul NouAradul Nou, Bloc 5, scara A, ap. 17/b, parter-0257.703.7600257.252.296--
Agentia ArmonieiCentrul Comercial Armonia Arad, Calea Aurel Vlaicu nr. 299/6-0257.703.7800257.232.230--
Agentia Aurel VlaicuStr. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 114, bl. Z 20-a, ap. 25, parter-0257.703.7400257.272.505--
Agentia Galeria AradCalea Aurel Vlaicu, nr. 225- 235-0257.703.861- 0257.703.8630257.347.829--
Agentia Ioan SlaviciAleea Borsec nr.2, bl. 511, sc. C, ap. 17, parter-0257.703.7200257.219.310--
Agentia PodgoriaB-dul Revolutiei nr 8, ap, parter-0257.703.8400257.218.536--
Agentia RadneiCalea Radnei nr. 294(in incinta magazinului Selgros)-0257.703.7000257.279.501--
Agentia TeatruStr. Unirii nr. 1, ap. 30-0257.703.6800257.284.001--

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