May 1, 2017
Financial Quotes
" Money does not pay for anything, never has, never will. It is an economic axiom as old as the hills that goods and services can be paid for only with goods and services. "

Albert Jay Nock

Banks in

Raiffeisen Bank Romania is a subsidiary of Austrian bank Raiffeisen Zentralbank. Raiffeisen Bank S.A. is a top universal bank on the Romanian market. The Bank provides a complete range of high quality [...]

Branches of Raiffeisen Bank Romania in Brasov

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
Agentia AstraLibraria 19, complex Astra, Str. Saturn-0268.703.8200268.330.768--
Agentia BarseiStr. Mihai Viteazul nr.42, bl 62, parter-0268.703.8600268.428.844--
Agentia Bartolomeu (Altex)Str. Caramidariei, nr. 1, parter (in incinta galeriei Altex)-0268.703.9200268.549.106--
Agentia BrasovStr. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr. 3-0268.703.5000268.547.791--
Agentia Brasov 1Calea Bucuresti nr. 231 (in incinta magazinului Selgros)-0268.703.7800268.336.105--
Agentia Calea BucurestiCalea Bucuresti nr. 54-0268.703.6000268.330.929--
Agentia Piata SfatuluiStr. Piata Sfatului nr. 18-0268.703.6200268.415.754--
Agentia RacadauB-dul Muncii nr 4, sc D, parter-0268.703.8000268.310.533--
Agentia StarComplexul Duplex 1, B-dul Nicolae Balcescu nr. 49-0268.703.6400268.419.153--
Agentia TractorulStr. 1 Decembrie 1918, nr. 8, bl. 305, 306, 307, 308 si Str. Oltet nr. 29, 31, 33-0268.703.8400268.420.142--

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