December 12, 2017
Financial Quotes
" There are several ways in which to apportion the family income, all of them unsatisfactory. "

Robert Benchley

Banks in

Raiffeisen Bank Romania is a subsidiary of Austrian bank Raiffeisen Zentralbank. Raiffeisen Bank S.A. is a top universal bank on the Romanian market. The Bank provides a complete range of high quality [...]

Branches of Raiffeisen Bank Romania in Bucuresti

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
-Piata Charles de Gaulle nr. 15, sector 1-021.306.1000021.230.0700-RZBRROBU
Ag. CotroceniUnitatea nr. C128, Centrul Comercial AFI Palace Cotroceni, B-dul Vasile Milea nr. 4, sector 6-021.370.24.20021.424.61.08--
Ag. Valea CascadelorStr. Valea Cascadelor nr. 26 B, sector 6-021.370.25.20021.313.24.30--
Agentia 13 SeptembrieCalea 13 Septembrie-021.370.24.40021.411.0183--
Agentia AerogariiB-dul. Aerogarii, nr. 2- 8, bloc II 1, parter, zona A, sector 1-021.370.04.40021.232.52.62--
Agentia Aparatorii PatrieiSos Berceni nr 183, zona C, sector 4-021.370.32.20021.334.00.60--
Agentia ApusuluiStr. Iuliu Maniu nr. 73, blC3, sect 6-021.370.20.40021.434.07.25--
Agentia ArmeneascaCalea Mosilor nr. 256-258, Bloc 4Bis, parter, Sector 2-021.370.11.40021.210.01.55--
Agentia AviatieiSos Pipera nr 21-23, bl E3, parter, sect 1-021.370.04.20021.232.33.44--
Agentia Baba NovacStr. Baba Novac, nr 11A, bl 1, parter-021.370.31.40021.324.91.65--
Agentia BaneasaSos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 55-65, sect 1 (in incinta magazinului Selgros Baneasa)-021.370.02.00021.233.36.37--
Agentia Barbu VacarescuStr. Stefan cel Mare nr.24, bloc 24B, parter, zona A, sector 2-021.370.14.20021.211.66.71--
Agentia BarzestiSos Oltenitei nr 254, bl 151, sect 4-021.370.31.80021.332.17.74--
Agentia BasarabiaBlv Basarabia nr 55, bl M22, sect 2-021.370.12.60021.255.60.48--
Agentia BerceniSos Turnu Magurele nr. 92-108, sector 4 (in incinta magazinului Selgros)-021.370.30.40021.460.97.52--

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