August 17, 2017
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" Money doesn't talk, it swears. "

Bob Dylan

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Raiffeisen Bank Romania is a subsidiary of Austrian bank Raiffeisen Zentralbank. Raiffeisen Bank S.A. is a top universal bank on the Romanian market. The Bank provides a complete range of high quality [...]

Branches of Raiffeisen Bank Romania in Craiova

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
Agentia Cetatea BanieiBdul. Olteniei nr. 2, parter-0251.703.7200251.487.240--
Agentia Craiova 1Calea Unirii nr. 14, Complex Comercial Mercur-0251.703.6200251.415.307--
Agentia Craiova EstStr Caracal nr 258 (in incinta magazinului Selgros)-0251.703.6600251.581.040--
Agentia Craiova VestStr. Maria Tanase, nr. 11-0251.703.6800251.594.125--
Agentia DoljStr. Fratii Buzesti nr. 17-0251.703.5000251.533.333--
Agentia ExpresStr. Fratii Buzesti nr. 17-0251.703.5000251.533.333--
Agentia ExpresB-dul. Dacia nr. 136, bl. C, parter-0251.7037400251.590.749--
Agentia Marin SorescuStr. 1 Decembrie 1918, nr. 27-0251.703.8000251.420.500--
Agentia Nicolae TitulescuStr. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 8-0251.703.7000251.594.895--
Agentia OlteniaStr. Calea Bucuresti , bl A14-A15-0251.703.6400251 315.803--
Agentia SarariCalea Bucuresti, bl. N16-17, parter, Cartier Lapus-0251.703.7800251.435.530--
Agentia Valea RosieStr Sarari, bl M53, parter-0251.703.7600251.315.681--

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