November 23, 2014
Financial Quotes
" A man's soul may be buried and perish under a dungheap or in a furrow of the field, just as well as under a pile of money. "

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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RBS Romania (formerly ABN AMRO Bank Romania) is a bank in Romania, a subsidiary of British bank Royal Bank of Scotland. As one of the oldest foreign banks in Romania, they are proud of the [...]

Branches of RBS-Royal Bank of Scotland in Timisoara

Branch NameAddressPostal Address:Opening TimesPhoneFaxEmailSWIFT
Sucursala TimisoaraStr. Carol Telbisz, nr. 3-0256 29 07 770256 29 07 78--
Sucursala TimisoaraBd. Republicii, nr 2-0256 40 62 770256 40 62 66--

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